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Mr. Yoshinari is the Executive Vice President of Systems Technology Laboratories and the President of Creative Nanosystems.
He transferred from Sony at 2014 Jan.
In Sysmex, he is responsible for innovative activities for medical diagnostic products and ICT collaborative solution. The creative Nanosystems was established as a new venture company in ’18 Oct funded by Sysmex and JVCKenwood in the purpose of creating bio-devices for micro-fluidics base PoN.

In the former company, Sony, he had been managing 50 to 100 R&D members for nearly 8 years as General Manager. He led innovative technology development for professional contents creation products, then contributed its business growth through valance of technological competitiveness. Last 3 years, he challenged X-ray mammography efficiently using FPD technology and superior image processing technique. Unfortunately project was terminated but his curiosity about medical solution became bigger than ever.

He is now interested in adopting the best mix solution between diagnostic technology and ICT solution because everybody understands the medical scene is drastically changing recent years.

Executive Vice President
System Technologies Laboratory